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Velata Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog

To view the Velata Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog click on the image below.

Velata Fondue Fall Winter 2013 catalog
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Introducing Velata Party Size Warmers and Bowls

We are so excited to announce our brand new Velata Party Size Warmers and Party Size Bowls available in both the Rouge and Noir styles. These super sized fondue warmers can accomodate three packages of our Velata premium Belgian fondue chocolate or two of our Velata cheese fondue tubs. To compliment our new party size Warmers, the Velata Party Size Bowls fit neatly around the base of our party size warmers with a space saving and hip design. Fondue for a crowd just got even funner!

What is Velata?

Scentsy Family is so excited to announce Velata chocolate and cheese fondue warmers! Velata is a fun, family-friendly way to experience chocolate fondue. Velata electric warmers include an exclusive food-safe dish in which you can warm the world's finest quality Belgian chocolate for an easy, enjoyable fondue experience. No more messy fondue pots or chocolate fountains. Paired with our delicious chocolate fondue and fun serving dishes, Velata fondue warmers and products are the easiest and funnest way to enjoy chocolate and cheese fondue.

How do Velata Warmers work?

How to use Velata fondue warmers

Velata fondue warmers, a new brand of Scentsy Family, are just as easy and fun to use as our traditional Scentsy wickless candle warmers.

Each Velata warmer comes with a patent-pending silicon warming dish that is microwave oven, dishwasher and refrigerator safe. Scentsy had ease of use for you in mind when they designed the new Velata fondue warmers! With a metal plate inside the base of the silicon tray, it distribute heat evenly, keeping Velata chocolate at just the right temperature without stirring or scorching. With an adjustable dimmer switch, you choose the temperature that is just right to melt chocolate quicker or just keep warm to dip.

The fondue warmer body base contains a 25-watt light bulb for heat that gently warms the Velata chocolate to prevent scorching. No scorching, no flames, no complicated instructions. Just turn the switch on your fondue warmer and melt your favorite Velata chocolate! Fondue warmers are currently available in 3 styles and 8 colors from our sophisticated black Velata fondue warmer to our trendy key lime or orange warmers.

Each warmer also has a removable silicon base for easy washing and to grip your table or counter to prevent your Velata fondue warmer from sliding. Just pull off, wipe and voila! All done!

Just perfect for dipping bananas, fruits or anything else you’d like to in chocolate, each warmer comes with 4 matching fondue forks. Additional forks can be purchased separately in a 4-pack of a variety of colors.

Velata also offers matching silicon warmer lids for our Velata fondue warmers. These provide an extra tight seal for storage chocolate in your Velata tray so that odors and do not permeate your fondue chocolate, altering the taste.

How is Velata different from traditional fondue and fountains?

Old type fondue pot

Traditional fondue pots use a flame or burning alcohol to melt chocolate fondue. And they can be hazardous. Just a quote from “Use only alcohol that is denatured or liquid fuel made specifically for fondue pots. Only use about three ounces of the fluid to avoid excess flames which can cause a fire hazard.” A fire hazard?! Talk about taking the fun out of fondue! Add in an extra element of small children and you have a potential for disaster. Not only are they unsafe but they are also messy to clean and can scorch the chocolate easily. In contrast, Velata warmers are completely safe with no flame, doesn't scorch the chocolate and are easily wiped clean or run in the dishwasher.

When using a chocolate fountain, chocolate MUST be melted beforehand and oil added to the fondue to make it thin enough run through the chocolate fountain. Who wants to add straight oil to something that is supposed to be a treat? Fountains also require a large amount of chocolate to have enough to fall correctly which ends with a lot of wasted product. Chocolate fountains are also the hardest to clean and remove all of the unused chocolate from the appliance. And did I mention they have the potential to be VERY MESSY!

My Chocolate Fountain DISASTER!

Just a quick example of how messy chocolate fountains can be. At one of my sister's wedding open houses we had chocolate fountains running with dippables. A number of the nieces and nephews were over dipping and I was the adult supervising at the time. One niece went to dip and accidentally pointed her skewer stick upwards poking the fountain mechanism knocking it off balance. As a consequence, it started rotating sideways and chocolate started flying everywhere! It was absolutely hilarious to watch! Kids ran screaming and as the only adult over there I got to be the lucky person to stop the fountain and I was absolutely covered in chocolate! My dad got a picture and we all laughed hysterically.

Well, the fun wasn't over yet. We got the chocolate fountain reset and the kids resumed dipping - only to have the same thing happen again just a little bit later. Already being covered in chocolate I got to dash in again. Imagine America's Funniest Home videos here! While we all had a great laugh, including me, I haven't used a chocolate fountain since as I now know how messy they truly can be!

Velata Grilling

Joining our product line this fall is the Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill and Velata Artisan Rubs. You'll love this fabulous kitchen system for a fuss-free and fun dinner! Grilling is a snap with our Velata Raclette Grill made for eight and our delicious rubs to add flavors to meats and veggies. Spend less time it the kitchen and more with those that you love!

Velata Products and Pricing

Velata chocolate fondue warmers are $40 and our Belgian chocolate fondue pouches are $7 each. For a complete list of product prices, please view our Velata catalog pdf located at the bottom left of our website. Want some of each? Try our Combine and Save packages for extra savings and a FREE fondue package.

Host a Velata Party

Velata Fondue warmers by Scentsy Family

Hosting a Velata Party is a fun, easy and enjoyable way to spend time socializing with family and friends. Share Velata chocolate warmers and fondue with dippables while you visit and catch up on old times or share the recent news. You’ve never had a party so easy and fun before! We’ll take literally just a few minutes to share the Velata and fondue experience with everyone and then fondue away while your guests fill out orders and You earn Host Rewards including half price items and credit towards Velata fondue products!

Hostess Rewards

Now onto every hostess’ favorite part – the hostess rewards! Everyone loves free stuff and half price items, right? With Velata, we love to give it to you, too! As a hostess, you earn FREE Velata products AND half price items! Do you have your eye on a certain fondue warmer or warmers that you like? Set a goal for how much you want to earn for FREE PRODUCT for your Velata party and then just invite friends and family to share the Velata experience. Almost everyone loves chocolate and a Velata chocolate fondue party is the perfect way to share that love of chocolate fondue and friendship together while you earn FREE Velata products and half price items

Have family or friends that can’t make it to your Velata chocolate fondue party? As an Independent Velata Consultant, my goal is to help you have a fun time and maximize your hostess potential. Not only do I come and “put on the show” for you but I also offer a FREE Velata online personal party to coincide with your home or basket party as well. Guests simply shop your party online and their Velata fondue warmers and chocolates are shipped directly to them. So easy and simple! Just another fun way to help you earn more Velata hostess rewards.

The following table illustrates the rewards you can earn with a Velata party:

Velata Hostess reward chart

For example, a very easy to achieve party of $425 in retail value sales would be $63.75 in product credit and 3 items at HALF OFF! The higher the product sales the more free Velata products and half off items you can receive!

Why Velata?

Your career should be engaging, challenging, and fun. With Velata, you can create income doing something you truly love, so you can have more time with the ones you love!

It starts with a goal. Do you want to free yourself from the 9-to-5 routine, or just want a little extra spending money? Velata Consultants are encouraged to work the hours they choose to reach their financial goals. There is no right or wrong way to share Velata. Simply build your business in the way that works best for you! work from home

You'll never be alone. As a Velata Consultant, Velata provides you with ongoing training and support.

Work from home and enjoy the benefits of your favorite office! You choose your hours, decorate your office how you like and plan your own vacation time. You are your own boss when you work at home as an Independent Velata Consultant.

Why Become a Velata Consultant?

Velata Consultant Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan

To be eligible for bonuses, commissions, and advancement, you must meet the Personal Retail Volume (PRV), Group Wholesale Volume (GWV), and Team Wholesale Volume (TWV) requirements associated with your rank in the Compensation Plan.

How Do I Join Velata?

Click on Join Velata and sign up. It's that easy! Your Velata Starter Kit will be sent to you as quickly as possible so you can get started right away. It contains everything you'll need to start your business. At only $99, it is an incredible value.

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